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Why kids should attend this workshop?

  • It's fun, engaging, rewarding, and educational
  • It will spark their curiosity, ingenuity and creativeness
  • It improves their critical thinking & builds self-confidence
  • Kids will learn about designing, building and programming of robots
  • Kids will start building a solid foundation in robotics which will allow them to take robotics to the next level

This workshop will introduce kids to the field of robotics in their early years of learning. Many hands-on activities are designed to make the experience fun, engaging, rewarding, and educational for them. They will learn basic concepts of robotics, learn about various parts needed to build a fully functional robot, learn about practical use of robots in real-life situations, learn about programming a robot, and learn about different ways to control/operate robots.

This workshop will get their creative juices flowing. It will establish a foundation on which kids can continue to build from to enhance learning. They will learn about options for continued learning in the field of robotics. The main goal of this workshop is to inspire kids to hopefully pursue a career in the field of robotics, engineering and technology, and prepare them to compete in the ever changing world of technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this free workshop your kid(s) will learn about the field of robotics. They will learn about what it takes to build a fully functional robot. They will also see live demonstration of a fully functional robot that plays the drum. They will see demonstration of activities that are fun, engaging, and educational. This workshop will help spark their curiosity, ingenuity, and creativeness. It will get their creative juices flowing

Typically we recommend this workshop for kids 6 years and older all the way to 17 years. We encourage parents to attend with kids so they too can learn about options to get kids involved with robotics for continued learning.

No, you do not need to purchase anything for the workshop. The instructor will have everything needed for the workshop including a fully functional robot that pays the drum. The instructor will explain all the parts needed to build the robot and give a demonstration of the building & programming of the robot.

We currently offer workshops only online. We have done many online workshops and they are just as effective as any in-person workshops. However, we would love to hear from you if you have a large group of parents & kids interested in hosting an in-person workshop. We will be happy to do an in-person workshop at your location as long as it is within about 50 miles of Greenwood IN. Or we can schedule a special online session for all the families in your group. Please email us on

Yes, we occasionally do offer workshops on some of the weekends, mostly on Saturdays. The location, dates and times are available during the registration process.

Please click on Register for a FREE Workshop to reserve your spot.

Yes, absolutely. As a matter of fact, we highly encourage parent/guardian to attend the workshop with your kid(s) so that you too would know more about the robotics program and learn about options beyond the workshop.